Photon Force is a recent startup in the image sensing community, building on the EC FP6 Funded Megaframe project and over a decade of successful research experience in time-resolved imaging from the CMOS Sensors & Systems Group at the University of Edinburgh. Our mission is to provide innovative, high quality, and accurate sensor technology to facilitate research, with an initial focus on the biomedical field. Until now, single photon detection and timing capabilities have only been available as separate, bulky, and low-throughput pieces of equipment. Our products help speed up the research process by streamlining these features into a single, simple unit, easily integrated into your existing lab setup.


The PF32 combines not one, but an array of 1,024 single photon sensitive SPAD pixels with ultra-fast 55ps time resolution electronics, resulting in a powerful, highly compact system. This parallelism allows our customers to accelerate their research across the life science fields and beyond.