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A unique and powerful
time-resolved photon counting camera
1024 single-photon avalanche diodes
32 x 32 pixel array
55ps timing resolution
Sense & Sensitivity 55ps resolution.
Single-photon sensitivity.
1G photons/s.
Future of Fluorescence Bringing high speed fluorescence lifetime capability to a microscope near you. Timing is Everything Don’t see – sense.
Enhance your research with time-resolved imaging.
Taking photons to Bits Our sensors digitally sense and timestamp every detected photon.
No analogue noise.
No external equipment.
Unparalleled throughput.
Your research, accelerated.

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13Jul 20
Institute Of Physics Business Start-Up Awards 2020 – Photon Force Presents At Winners Webinar

IOP Business Awards 2020 Live Webinars

Hear more about the physics behind award-winning Photon Force technology As a winner in the Business Start-Up category at the Institute of Physics Business Awards 2020, Photon Force will be presenting as part of the winners’ showcase live webinar on Thursday, July 16. The IOP…

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