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Photon Force announces exciting new product variant for PF32 Camera Range

Edinburgh-based Photon Force, manufacturer of the highest throughput, fastest time-resolved single photon counting technology available, have today announced the launch of a microlens option for its PF32 camera range.

Customers now have the option to specify microlensing for their SPAD array camera. The microlenses offer an improvement of more than 10× in effective fill factor, enhancing the sensitivity of the camera for time-resolved measurements. This works well for low light applications such as imaging through scattering media, as well as for fluorescence microscopy.

The Photon Force PF32 camera range includes powerful features such as ultra-high speed digital readout, picosecond timing resolution and low power consumption, with a USB3 interface for control and data readout.

Richard Walker, CEO of Photon Force, commented: “We’re really excited to extend our product offering to include this microlens variant, and we’ve already had excellent feedback from customers utilising the early release of the product. The microlenses significantly improve the fill factor for our PF32 camera range, making it an ideal feature for a wide variety of photon-starved, time-resolved imaging applications.”

Photon Force technologies are already widely used to accelerate scientific and commercial research in many photonics and quantum optics areas. In addition to the PF32 camera range, the company also offers the custom design and manufacture of sensors, modules and boards for research projects and product development.

Continually innovating, the team at Photon Force are now working on a range of new developments, including a number of firmware-upgrades to enable hardware-accelerated processing such as correlation and histogramming, as well as exciting new camera architectures.

For further information contact enquiries@photon-force.com