Photonics West is over for another year. Between it and attending BIOS before PW began, it was an action-packed week! We’ve been busy following up all the fantastic contacts we made and conversations we had over the course of the event – if you are at this site as a result of one of those interactions, welcome, and thank you for stopping by.

We were thrilled by the interest that people showed in our demo of the PF32 camera’s 55ps time-resolution being used to capture light in flight. It was fantastic to see people’s expressions as they realized they were witnessing light moving in slow motion! This simplest of demonstrations really opened up conversations into a wide variety of cutting edge applications.

Photonics West Rundown

Photonics West


A successful Photonics West 2018

Outside of the incredibly useful conversations we had during the main exhibition, we also had some good chat over the course of Wednesday evening’s drinks reception on the UK pavilion. The Whisky Tasting provided by QuantIC and Technology Scotland went down a treat, and everyone enjoyed sampling the Water of Life from all the Scottish regions.

We were delighted to be featured in Thursday’s copy of the Photonics West Show Daily, in a piece on paths to commercialization for quantum technology. Being singled out among the thousands of exhibitors as an example of quantum technology on its way to disrupting the market was greatly appreciated—and we certainly hope to keep growing!

We would love to work with you to determine if our PF32 camera is right for your sensing application.