Flexible API for your computational needs

The speed and versatility of the Photon Force PF32 time-resolved single-photon counting camera means that our technology is used in multiple different ways, on multiple different projects, achieving new and diverse results across a wide range of scientific research ventures.

This is why we’ve kept our software simple, flexible and easy to integrate.

  • As scientists, our customers are developing their own projects, and need to do their own programming when building unique pieces of laboratory equipment that focus on their area of specialism or investigation.

  • Our API allows easy integration with any other application to ensure that you get exactly what you need from the extensive volume of raw data the PF32 provides.

Photonics applications

Support for multiple programming languages

While our camera driver can be used in any programming language that can call a dynamically linked library, there are several specific languages used by our clients that come up more frequently than others, and that we have extensive experience with.

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Software for Python
C programming language 1
C programming Language

We would be delighted to support you in accelerating your application in any of these environments:

• MatLab  • LabView  • Python  • C  • C++

Simple software for complex hardware

  • The simple software we provide gives you the chance to understand how the PF32 time-resolved single-photon counting camera works and lets you have a play around the system.

  • You can then continue to use this software to access the raw data from the camera or you can, like many of our clients, use the API provided by our driver to build your own application, in any programming language, to fully integrate the configuration, operation and readout of the PF32 into your project.