Custom Services

Photon Force technologies – tailored to fit your needs

Photon Force cameras and sensors are renowned and highly-utilised within photonics and scientific research to facilitate ultra-fast, single-photon-sensitive, time resolved photon counting.

  • In addition to our own product range, Photon Force also offers services customising our photon counting technologies to enable clients to fit them into wider systems, or to accelerate processing algorithms to effectively manage ultra-high volumes of raw data.

Photon Force Custom Services - We design and manufacture single-photon sensitive cameras and sensors

Custom firmware or component design and manufacture for your project

  • Photon Force regularly works with clients to design and develop a range of single-photon-sensitive components for a precise fit with requirements. Bare die, packaged die, modules, boards or even a full camera can be used as OEMs in other products and systems.

  • We can customise firmware to hardware accelerate the client’s processing algorithm, removing the USB bottleneck and taking the processing burden away from the computer.

custom sensor requirements
Custom Services

Custom services in sensor development for third party projects

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