Custom Design & Manufacture of OEM Components

Use Photon Force technology within your own product

Whether it’s a specifically adapted version of one of our industry-leading cameras, or the sensor technology from within them, Photon Force technology can be integrated into your own product.

We can provide bare die or packaged die, modules and boards, or our fully self-contained cameras to incorporate our high throughput, photon-sensing technology into your own systems and products.

Often, a research project or product development process is so specific that off-the-shelf hardware just won’t do.

OEM Custom Design Manufacture

Offering customised sensors, boards, modules or cameras

  • The Photon Force PF32 camera range provided the world’s first ultra-fast, single-photon-sensitive, time-resolved camera product. We achieved this by shrinking the timing electronics to fit within each image sensor pixel, offering unparalleled throughput of 0.5B photons/s, with a time resolution of tens of picoseconds.

  • This technology is utilised to customise OEM components for our customers. Sometimes, a client may want us to deliver a ready-made module that includes software and can be plugged into a wider system to provide the data required.

  • Sometimes a fully self-contained camera unit is incorporated into a wider system, whereas other applications may require a board or chip optimised for integration. This engineering expertise can be applied to the custom design and manufacture of cameras, modules, boards or sensors to fit the precise requirements of your project.

Custom Camera Units

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Custom Modules

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Custom Sensors

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Building sensors for industry

For the ultimate in integration, Photon Force can work with you to understand your requirements, develop and provide silicon, and support you through the product life cycle. We offer custom SPAD arrays on a silicon chip, supplied in volume, in a fabless semiconductor model.

  • Our custom sensors can be integrated into a range of technologies such as scientific bench equipment, portable radiation detectors, spectrometers or fluorescence microscopes.

  • We’ve even been asked to help with sensors to be included in the development of augmented reality headsets for a cutting-edge research project.




Biomedical Imaging


Quantum Optics


Life Sciences

OEM Custom Design Manufacture

If you identify a challenge that can be solved with a customised sensor capable of ultrafast single-photon sensitive imaging, Photon Force designs to your specifications, manufactures, tests and ships the sensors direct to you.


Sensor applications

Custom sensors developed by Photon Force can be used across a wide range of applications.

Talk to us about OEM sensor requirements

If you have a requirement for a complete custom sensor, the Photon Force team will listen to your needs, understand the technical requirements, create a design that meets the brief and manage the entire production and delivery process.