About Photon Force

Photon Force is a leading provider of single-photon sensitive cameras and sensors, operating worldwide to deliver the highest throughput, fastest time-resolved single-photon counting technology on the market.

Photon Force technologies are accelerating progress in multiple areas including photonics, quantum optics and research in other scientific and engineering fields. The company’s product range includes cameras and custom sensors that can timestamp up to half a billion individual photons per second.

Photon force Single photon sensitive Cameras and sensors

Additionally, the team at Photon Force can design and manufacture custom sensors that can be integrated seamlessly into third party products and technologies. For research projects, Photon Force also provides customised firmware to provide a hardware acceleration of the user’s algorithm, moving key data processing steps upstream into the camera itself and negating the limited capability of USB3 computer connections.

Dr Richard Walker CEO Photon Force

Dr Richard Walker, CEO

Founder Photon Force

From academic roots to commercial success

Photon Force launched in 2015, as a spin-out from the renowned CMOS Sensors & Systems Group at the University of Edinburgh, led by Dr Robert Henderson.

We believe the research community should have access to powerful tools for faster scientific progress. Through our technology, we bring an order-of-magnitude acceleration to single-photon imaging and data processing.

Accelerating customer research worldwide since 2015