Photon Force is sponsoring the International SPAD Sensor Workshop

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring and attending the International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) in beautiful Trento, Italy from 4th-6th June 2024. 

Taking place every two years, ISSW focuses on Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs), SPAD-based sensors and related applications. Returning to an in-person format, the workshop will be hosted at Fondazione Bruno Kessler and will follow on from a 1-day introductory school on SPAD sensor technology on 3rd June. 

ISSW will include a mix of invited talks and, for the first time, peer-reviewed contributions. The workshop will cover many aspects of SPAD technology, including device modelling, engineering and fabrication, SPAD characterisation and measurements, pixel and sensor architecture and designs, and SPAD applications. 

ISSW 2024 Logo

The leading event for SPAD sensor developers worldwide

Photon Force is a leading provider of single-photon sensitive cameras and sensors that operates worldwide to deliver time-resolved single-photon counting technology. Our CEO, Richard Walker, is excited to be attending the event and is looking forward to engaging with peers and former colleagues on the latest developments in the field and exciting upcoming job opportunities at Photon Force. 

We’re also delighted that Istvan Gyongy of University of Edinburgh is presenting a paper as part of the workshop programme. Photon Force is working alongside Istvan on the Innovate UK funded UPSIS project, where we are designing a sensor for underwater single-photon imaging. Istvan will be presenting on ‘High-speed, Underwater 3D Imaging with an In-Pixel Histogramming SPAD’ on Day 2 of ISSW – one not to be missed! 

Photon Force SPAD sensor technologies are accelerating progress in multiple areas including photonics, quantum optics and research in other scientific and engineering fields. Our product range includes cameras, OEM modules and sensors that can timestamp up to half a billion individual photons per second. 

Additionally, our team can design and manufacture custom sensors that can be integrated seamlessly into third party products and technologies. Photon Force also develops customised firmware to provide a hardware acceleration of customer algorithms, moving key data processing steps upstream into the camera itself to allow higher frame rates, avoiding the bandwidth limitations of PC interfaces, while reducing the computational burden on the host system. 

We hope to see you at the International SPAD Sensor Workshop!