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PF32 time correlated single photon counting camera
PF32 time correlated single photon counting camera
  • 32×32 Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) pixel array.
    • Fully digital photon counting and timestamping (no analogue readout noise).
    • Wavelength response available on request.
    • In-pixel dual mode electronics:
      • 55 ps resolution 10-bit Time to Digital Converter (TDC) time-stamping (1,023 time bins).
      • 7-bit photon counting.
    • Pipelined operation: simultaneous data acquisition and readout (no inter-frame dead time).
  • USB3 (300k frames/s) transfer to PC.
  • Instrument response function ~ 150 ps.
  • Programmable region of interest (permits higher frame rate for subset of pixels).
  • Flexible readout timing (permits higher frame rate for reduced number of counter/TDC bits).
  • External laser synchronisation input to provide TDC stop signal.
  • Optional laser synchronisation output (for laser as slave operation).
  • Optional calibration mode to lock TDC resolution to laser or reference frequency.
  • Single 5V power supply (included).
  • Available with precision enclosure (CS-Mount for lenses).
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