We’re excited to once again participate in the 2022 Quantum Technologies Showcase on Friday 11th November at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London.

Photon Force, along with 60 other quantum technology organisations, will exhibit at the event, which is open to industry, academia, government, VCs and investors keen to explore the opportunities that quantum technologies can offer.

Organised by the Innovate UK arm of UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), the government body responsible for research and innovation funding, the Quantum Technologies Showcase will feature some of the UK’s most exciting developments from across the quantum landscape. With the UK home to roughly half of the quantum businesses in Europe, delegates have a unique opportunity to discover the growing commercialisation and industrialisation of quantum technologies in the UK.

UK National Quantum technologies Showcase

A long history of partnership

Participating at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase for the seventh time, Photon Force will be on hand to discuss our single-photon sensitive cameras and sensors, and how they are – and can be – used across a range of quantum applications.

Technologies designed and manufactured by Photon Force are used in numerous different fields to enhance a range of applications including Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS), Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM), imaging light in flight, tracking hidden objects, brain/computer interface and imaging through scattering media.

Photon Force has a long history of leading and contributing to projects supported by Innovate UK. Working with a wide range of partners from industry and academia, the Photon Force team has the knowledge and experience to develop next-generation detector technologies for emerging applications.

Currently, the company is involved in five separate Quantum Technology projects:

  • Quantum Electro-optic Detector Technology (QuEOD) – as project lead, Photon Force is working with eight other partners to break through the technology barriers for novel types of time-resolved SWIR detectors.

  • QT Assemble: Integrated Quantum Technology Programme – this project aims to develop highly innovative assembly and integration processes for new markets in quantum technologies.

  • HYDRI – seven partners, led by BP, are working together with the aim of developing quantum gas sensors critical for the safe rollout of hydrogen as a widely used energy source in domestic, industrial and transportation sectors.

  • Towards a Quantum Enabled Cloud (TQEC) – the aim of this project is to support the development of quantum-safe encryption technologies for satellite-based communication networks, helping to ensure robust data security in the long term.

  • Underwater Single Photon Imaging System – this project aims to utilise photon detection to create high-resolution 3D maps of the sea floor to support installation and operation of offshore wind energy, asset decommissioning and defence.

The Photon Force team are looking forward to connecting with guests and exhibitors at the Quantum Technologies Showcase to discuss these projects, past projects and the technological innovations that the company is working on to enhance its product line.